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Hello, welcome to the main page of our 3D photo contest.

Thank You to our sponsors who are providing prizes

Here we will go over the basic contest  rules, show you examples of stereoscopic photos, guidance on how you can view photos in 3D, how to easily convert your regular photos into 3D, editing the 3D volume, Stereoscopic theory, and many other resources.

Naturally if you are an experienced stereophotographer, you can jump straight to the submission form.

If  you have 2d photos, you can go to https://www.immersity.ai/ to convert them to 3D, exporting them as "SBS Parallel, check out the other pages for viewing and conversion tips.

Basic Rules

Only pictures taken Saturday, June 22nd, 2024 inside the borders of Coney Island NY are eligible. This contest is for pictures documenting the event, not for images hallucinated by an AI.

Pictures to be submitted as stereoscopic (3d) in the side by side format, and the jpg file format.

Pictures may be taken as a conventional flat (2D) image and converted into 3D using any method. Suggested resolution is a minimum of 1920x1080. Please limit file size to about 10 megs each.

Entries to be submitted as per this page

Due date is Thursday August 1st, 2024

You may submit 1 or 2 pictures. Free to enter, there is no fee.

By entering you retain your copyright and grant NYSA non-exclusive license and permission to use the image solely as part of this and future contests, and the promotion thereof, in perpetuity, on every form of reproducing an image that exists now and in the future. Like if Elon Musk wants to Xeet your picture straight into the brain of a Neurolink user as part of an announcement of our next contest, you have given us permission to do so.

Entries will be evaluated by our panel of judges. A major component of the score will be based on effective and artistic use of 3 dimensional composition, how well depth is part of the image.

20 pictures will be selected as finalists.

On Saturday September  14, 2024 during the NYSA show starting at 3pm eastern, the finalists will be displayed, and the gallery page will go live.

The following week, September 21, starting at Noon Eastern the public will be able to cast their vote for the winners.

Voting will close at 4:00pm eastern (a 4 hour period) and the winners will be announced at the next show Sept 28, 2024

Questions email email: adequatewebmedia@gmail.com
Note: NYSA has no affiliation with CIUSA and is not an official sponsor of the parade. Yet. We hope to next year  if this contest has enough traffic/entries. On this site "Coney Island" is just referring to geography.